Ivonne Elsner, M.Sc.



Fachgruppe Stadtplanung, Themengebiet Raum- und Infrastrukturplanung


Kritische Infrastrukturen

  • Vulnerabilität
  • Resilienz


  • Smart (Energy) Cities
  • Smart Grids


Time and Space in Intersectoral Urban Smart Energy Transitions

Urban energy systems are currently challenged not only due to decarbonisation agendas but also by an increasing coupling of infrastructure sectors in the course of digitisation and smart city or smart energy visions. This ongoing transition of urban energy systems on the one hand leads to technological but on the other hand also to severe social changes, including the organisational, institutional and economic structure of the energy sector. This transition includes changes of temporal and spatial relations within the energy sector as well as across sectors. These new temporal and spatial relations and the necessary alignment has not been investigated thoroughly yet. Therefore, this PhD investigates temporal and spatial relations in urban energy systems due to an increasing intersectoral coupling with a socio-technical perspective. Additionally, the impact these changes have on the vulnerability and resilience of urban energy systems shall be investigated.


Studium & Ausbildung