PhD Projects

PhD Projects: Overview


Allegra Celine Baumann, M.A.

Critical Infrastructure and Tourism using the Example of Cruise Tourism (Working Title)

Arturo Crespo Materna, M.Sc.:

Dynamic, Intermodal Disruption Programs for Commuter Rail Lines – “S-Bahn”

Marcus Dombois, M.Sc.:

Multiscale Information System for Emergency Management and Mission Planning

Stephanie Eifert, M.A.:

Nodes on the Net – Cities on the Rhine and Main as the starting-point of a medieval history of infrastructure?

Joyce Angnayeli Eledi Kuusaana (DAAD Scholar)

The Making of Urban Resilience: Critical Energy Infrastructure in Accra and Dar es Salaam (working title)

Ivonne Elsner, M.Sc.:

The Changing Resilience and Vulnerability of Cities and the Electricity Sector in the Course of the Energy Transition

Jan Henning, M.A. (affiliated project):

A History of Medical and Technical Emergency Services in the United States and Germany from 1860 until 1990

Andreas Huck, M.A.

Bridging the gap: towards an urban policy mix for critical infrastructure resilience

Lazarus Jambadu, M. Phil.

Assessment of infrastructure repairs and maintenance of water utilites companies in Accra and Dar Salaam cities

Alice Knauf, M.A.

Emanuel Lukio Mchome (DAAD Scholar)

A History of Electricity Blackouts and Resilience Strategies in Tanzania, 1900s to Present (working title)

Manas Marathe, M.Sc.:

Significance of Traditional Water Mangement systems in current water supply systems: Case of Pune, India

Marcel Müller, M.Ed.:

Infrastructures as Structuring Practices (working title)

Markus Schertler, M.A.

Infrastrukturen in den deutschen Schutzgebieten in Afrika 1880-1920 (Arbeitstitel)

Chris Stahlhut, M.Sc.

Interactive Machine Learning of Arguments and Argumentative Structures

Nadja Thiessen (née Schmitt), M.A.:

Flood Waters along Rivers as a Threat to Urban Infrastructure in Germany during the 20th Century

Benedikt Vianden. M.A.

Make straight in the Desert a Highway for our God! The Infrastructural Network of the Temple Society in Ottoman Palestine (working titel)