Allegra Celine Baumann, M.A.



Institute of Sociology, Department Urban Sociology and Sociology of Space

Research Interests:

Critical Infrastructure, Urban Resilience, Touristic Infrastructure

PhD Project:

Working title: Critical Infrastructure and Tourism using the Example of Cruise Tourism

The market for cruise tourism has been growing rapidly in the past few years. As a reaction to this development, ships with the possibility to transport more passengers are built and the amount of ships handled in the ports at the same time has increased. Therefore, seaports which are of tourist interest have to struggle with higher pressure. Lay days at ports and the position of tourist places in cities lead to temporal and spatial concentration of cruise tourists. Furthermore, there has to be the supply, loading and unloading of cruise ships, e.g. with freshwater, in the ports.

In all these events urban infrastructure systems, e.g. those of transport or water supply, are involved. This PhD project deals with the effects of cruise tourism on the infrastructure system of seaports with regard to the concept of criticality.


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