Arturo Crespo Materna, M.Sc.



Institut für Verkehr, Fachgebiet Bahnsysteme und Bahntechnik


  • Urbane Resilienz; Kritische Infrastruktur; Preparedness & Prevention; Eisenbahnbetriebswissenschaften; Störfallprogramme im Bahnbetrieb & Öffentliche Personen Verkehrsmittel.


Dynamische, intermodale Störfallprogramme für innerstädtische S-Bahnen

The operational quality of railway systems during a disruption can be achieved through the implementation of pre-structured or predefined programs. The implementation of these predetermined action plans, namely „Disruption Programs“ (DRPs), establish previously tested measures for handling diverse situations in an attempt to manage and overcome the hindered capacity of the network’s disrupted segments. This research focuses on increasing the overall preparedness of regional railway networks through the development of two logical models to be embedded within their DRP's operational and passenger transport related frameworks. Initially, it puts forward an algorithm that assesses the actual operating conditions (i.e. residual capacity) of existing public transport means, as a result, enabling a sound intermodal exchange of passengers during a disruption. Then, it proposes a second algorithm that would secure a dynamic operational management of specific rail based vehicles in the interlude between the moment a network disruption takes place and the specific disruption program reaches a stable operation (during the “chaotic phase”).


Studium & Ausbildung