Stephanie Eifert, M.A.



Institute of History, Department of Medieval History

Research Interests:

History of infrastructure in the Middle Ages, regional history of the German southwest; historical cultural studies; history of Scandinavia; history of medicine; basic historical sciences

PhD Project:

Nodes on the Net – Cities on the Rhine and Main as the starting-point of a medieval history of infrastructure?

In our modern everyday life, 'infrastructures' are ubiquitous, but what is this omnipresent 'infrastructure'? Especially in the field of medieval studies, it has not yet been conclusively defined whether this term is at all suitable for the period of the Middle Ages. And whether there can be a 'medieval history of infrastructure' as an independent field of research. Therefore, this dissertation project tries to investigate these questions and to design a theoretical framework for a possible infrastructure history of the Middle Ages under the condition of a dynamic understanding of criticality. Subsequently, the Rhine-Main river system will be presented as a network characterized by 'nodes' in the network (cities). the criticality Measurement' tool is used to determine the specific interfaces within the nodes and to record their significance.


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