Marcel Müller



Institut für Philosophie


Technikphilosophie, (Post-)Phänomenologie, Existenzphilosophie, Existenzialismus


Infrastructures as Structuring Practices (Arbeitstitel)

In my dissertation I will initially follow a postphenomenological approach to analyze the mutual interaction and constitution of human beings and technology within an infrastructure framework. Later I will use this analysis to support my claim that infrastructures can be considered as reified epitomes of norms, rules and regulations, cultivated through dialectical interactions.

Based on recent works in the field of philosophy of technology I will try to provide insight into why actors work with infrastructures the way they do in the situations they find themselves in. This means a constant back and forth between transcendental and empirical analysis concerning the practical relations within infrastructures. A constant re-consideration of the hermeneutic position of these actors helps to avoid the traps of a deterministic interpretation of technology.

Since meaning is crucial to make informed as well as spontaneous decisions one of my main topics will be the analysis of the meaning that is established within the interactions of human beings and infrastructures. It is within this meaning were I believe the complex structure-dependent narratives of vulnerabilities and resilient planning emerge. It also allows me analyze infrastructural dependencies in a different way, thus shedding new light on known concepts like criticality, resilience and preparedness/preparation.


Müller, M. (2017). The Urban Disposition. A Sartrean Framework for the Analysis of Urban Life. filosofia. Revista Da Faculdade de Letras, 34. 187 – 203. Link