Research Training Group KRITIS visits the IIB's VR Lab

Virtual discovery of critical infrastructures


On Friday, 03.11.2017, the Research Training Group KRITIS visited the Institute of Numerical Methods and Informatics in Civil Engineering (IIB) of TU Darmstadt and got an insight into the modelling and visualisation of Critical Infrastructures in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). During the joint hands-on session at the Darmstadt Civil, Environmental and Safety Engineering Lab (DACES), the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Cyberith Virtulizer, Leap Motion and Asus Zen Phone with Tango and AR-Core technology were tested.

The PhD candidates are practicing the emergency case of extinguishing a fire (picture: Marcus Dombois).

The visit of the interdisciplinary research group took place in the course of the advanced seminar, which is part of the qualification program of the research group. After a lecture by Prof. Dr. -Ing. Uwe Rüppel on computer-aided modelling and visualisation in the context of engineering science issues, especially in the field of civil security, the graduates themselves were able to take action.

The demonstration scenarios included various test grounds for getting to know the hardware, station and train stations as well as virtually accessible city models. As a crowning finale, a fire-extinguishing simulation was carried out in a factory building. Objects from reality have been built into the virtual environment to further increase the immersion of the simulation. Increased immersion in this context refers to the effect on users of perceiving the virtual environment as real, despite illusory stimuli.